Integrated Topic

Term 2

This term we have been learning about Motion. We are learning to describe how & why something has or will move.

We went to the AirForce Museum and learned about flight. In class we did a number of experiments to see how things move.

We found out that pushes and pulls can make things start or stop moving and that different sized objects move in different ways.

We learned 
  • words relating to movement, eg twist, spin, swing, slide, swerve, hop, jump, turn, fast, slow, push, and pull.
  • words and phrases for making comparisons of movement eg go faster, go slower, go further

  • words related to movement eg direction, distance, force

  • comparative expressions eg further, furthest, fast, faster, fastest, slow, slower, slowest, higher

Kākano Talent Quest


Today was our turn to perform at the Kākano Talent Quest. 

We sang 'Sing' by Ben Lee. 

We have been looking forward to performing this item for a number of weeks. The children did an amazing job and we were really proud of their effort. A big thank you to all the parents who came along to support us :-)

Click on this link to see our performance

Room 16 Singing in the Kākano Talent Quest